Translations & Scholarly Work

Solo Viola, a translation of Alto Solo by Antoine Volodine (Paris: Minuit, 1991). Univocal Publishing/University of Minnesota Press. Forthcoming, 2020.

“Living Pages,” translation of a poem by Maxime Coton. Forthcoming at, 2019.

“Light Against Light,” a translation of “Lumière contre lumière” by Georges Didi-Huberman, in Disparition des lucioles (Avignon: Collection Lambert, 2014). Alienocene, October 2018.

“Ascent in Freefall,” by Frédéric Neyrat. Alienocene, October 2018.

Survival of the Fireflies, a translation of Survivance des lucioles by Georges Didi-Huberman (Paris: Minuit, 2009). Univocal Publishing/University of Minnesota Press, September 2018. Winner of a 2017 Hemingway Grant from the Cultural Services of the French Embassy.

“A New Genealogy of French Science Fiction: Le Merveilleux scientifique in Third Republic Literature” (peer-reviewed article). The French Review 89.3, March 2016. Viewable on

“The Challenge of the Invisible in Maurice Renard’s Le Péril bleu” (conference paper). In Rediscovering French Science Fiction in Literature, Comics, and Film: From Cyrano to Barbarella. Eds. Philippe Mather & Sylvain Rhéault, University of Regina. Cambridge Scholars Publishing, March 2016. (You can read most of this paper, and George Slusser’s discussion of it, by looking at the Google Book Preview and searching for my first name. If you want to read the whole thing, contact me and I’ll send you a PDF.)