Cover Art! for Solo Viola

I’ve received an image of the cover art for Solo Viola, my translation of Antoine Volodine’s Alto Solo, which is forthcoming in January 2021. You guys, I like this cover a lot.

Really excellent work by the University of Minnesota Press design team.

What else is going on? Well, I’ve been translating a book of poetry by Maxime Coton, and some articles and essays by a variety of people, which are not for publication, or at least not yet. I’ve been writing some fiction—not a lot, unfortunately, but like many people, I have been caught in the deluge of news and events that we call 2020. Currently I’m trying to focus my attention away from things that induce feelings of anxiety and helplessness (i.e. the pandemic, the authoritarianism, police violence and wildfires and climate change and and and) and more towards things that are actually somewhat under my control—like my work and my writing—and things that make me feel good, like running and camping and paddling a canoe.

By the time this book comes out, in January May 2021, who knows what the world will look like? Not me. So for now let’s just enjoy this gorgeous cover art.

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