Plantation | Springtime, in Big Echo

I am very pleased to let all you loyal readers know that “Plantation | Springtime” has been reprinted in Big Echo’s new issue, which celebrates the sesquicentenary of Karl Marx’s Das Kapital, along with a bunch of other excellent writers. And yes, the story is in two columns again! as is right and proper. I hear the online formatting is a pain but I hope it’s worth it. So if you’ve been wondering whether you’d ever get to see “Plantation | Springtime” correctly formatted again, here’s your chance. 

I’d write more, but I’m on vacation and my internet access is spotty. Big thanks to Big Echo, and big thanks to you readers for your continued support.

beach tulum

my feet, the Caribbean, miles of lovely white sand. Not pictured: husband, tacos, paletas, mezcal. About eighty degrees warmer than Minneapolis.

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