Nice things people have said about “Slow”

A couple nice reviews were posted about my story “Slow,” along with the other works in Apex Magazine’s 71st issue (which contained a lot of great stuff, so you should check it out if you haven’t already). It’s interesting and gratifying to see the different ways people interpret my work, and I appreciate the thought these reviewers put into it. So here are the reviews:

Clancy Weeks at Tangent Online says “Slow” is “beautifully horrible”. This phrase gave me a small heart attack when I first read it, but after that the praise is less ambiguous. For him the story is about the huge personal investment of the artist in the work.

Charles Payseur at Quick Sips Reviews calls it “A story about art and longing and a sort of sentient and parasitic stone” and thinks about bad relationships, art, and the Orpheus myth.

There’s so much good short fiction being published in the spec fic world these days that it takes a pretty heroic effort to keep current; it’s amazing that these reviewers manage to write something thoughtful about each story. So, many thanks to Mr. Weeks and Mr. Payseur. Thanks also to everyone who read the story and commented, or even just gave it a thumbs up or a star on whatever social network. Every little bit of support means a lot.

I’m getting towards the end of the semester here, running around with a little swirl of dissertation pages stormclouding around my head, so this page may be a little static for a while. But if something awesome happens, obviously, I’ll tell you.

ETA May 2nd: One more review, from Sam Tomaino at He says it is a “great story” with a “very chilling end”. Thank you to Mr. Tomaino, as well.

ETA #2, May 27th: More good thoughts from Joyce Chong and from Fantasmorgsbord.

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