Plural: coming soon to an interweb near you

My story “Plural” appears in the current edition of Cosmos Magazine, along with some fascinating articles and amazing images, including one of an extremely serious chicken. It’s impressive, that chicken. The feathers, the glaring eye. The poised beak. In any case, if you want to read my story (or see this crazy chicken photo) now, like I cannot wait another moment I must see it NOW, you can buy a subscription to the magazine. Digital subscriptions are $25 AUD, which is like $18 USD (last time I checked). Not bad at all. You can read it and say Did you know…?! and impress everyone at your next cocktail reception.

Or, if you are more patient, I think the story will be available online in a week or so. In the meantime, Cosmos has some good fiction available, including Christopher K. Miller’s “Swarm” and Ken Liu’s “Event Cloak”.

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